Teymasa celebrates its 40th anniversary

This year our company celebrates 40 years since its foundation in 1979. 40 years full of good and bad times, really difficult moments and many others full of joy and enthusiasm for well done job and recognition by our customers.
But Teymasa always has been the people who were working every day to make a project come true, where everyone from our responsibility has helped to create and improve. People who no longer work here, new additions, all contributing the best and committed to the group. The new agreements in different countries have made us grow and reach new goals. The future is very promising and we want to thank all external collaborators for their help and commitment with Teymasa: Spain, Chile, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Italy, Poland, Morocco, Singapore.
Today we pay tribute to the real Teymasa, the Teymasa of the people, all of them with names and surnames and now also with faces.
Thanks to everyone!