Today in Helsinki Teymasa and Hilpac signed an agreement whereby Hilpac becomes official distributor of Teymasa for Finland. Thank you very much, Mr. Vesa Heikinheimo, for your kind attention during my visit to Finland. All the best!


Today, we were at Orlen’s oil plant in Poland, where we visited some ancient teymasa facilities that still work like the new one. We also initiated a new project to improve the different production lines.

Soludia Maghreb & Teymasa Agreement

Yesterday, September 20, Teymasa and Soludia Maghreb signed a contract whereby Teymasa will be responsible for the construction and installation of different production lines for the new Soludia plant in Tamesna. This agreement has been possible thanks to the commitment and professionalism of the teams of both companies and the technical assistance of Sopri, official distributor of Teymasa in Morocco.


Last Friday, August 24, 2018, PRECISION and TEYMASA reached a collaboration agreement between both companies. Thanks to this agreement PRECISION becomes Official Agent of TEYMASA for the countries of Chile, Peru and Ecuador.
Thank the entire PRECISION team, especially its CEO Patricio Haristoy and Jorge Cardenas for their professionalism and empathy, companies proud of their past that work in their present adapting to the new times to have a bright future.