IoT en packaging

The big pillar of industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things, #IoT. It is a concept refers to a digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet being able to identify key aspects for the IoT integration.

Is IoT used in packaging?

Yes, because it allows to connect things with people and advanced services to improve the collaboration of machinery or installations, controlled by a PLC. In this concept, everything is connected and the key factors are the availability of data at any time and from anywhere, as well as monitoring for remote control and diagnosis of facilities.

In this way it is possible to perform a predictive maintenance and advance to any type of incidence in the machines so that it can act in the shortest possible time, minimizing losses in production or ensuring user comfort, all resulting in a lower cost.

The intelligent and real-time data processing allows to anticipate the stops in the manufacturing lines before they occur, or to predict quality defects in the manufactured product, analyzing the variables recorded in real time.

Filling machines evolution over time

In a globalized world in which the products and services must adapt vertiginously to the increasingly specific demands and needs of different sectors, there is only one possible answer: Evolution.

At Teymasa our teams have evolved over time to meet the new challenges that global markets demand. All these changes have been the result of having been able to understand the different needs of our customers. This has led us to manufacture increasingly efficient and effective equipment and incorporate industry 4.0 in some of our facilities in recent years.

Interview with David Pérez, International Sales Manager at Teymasa

After a year in Teymasa, the balance can not be more positive.

We have launched an internationalization plan, the result of which has been the opening of new markets in South America, the Middle East and Asia. New distributors in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, UAE, India. Also we have signed new agreements with multinational groups and new projects in which we have already incorporated industry 4.0.

The result of this growth has been to achieve and exceed very widely the pre-established objectives and the incorporation of new staff in all the departments.

Our company has taken a qualitative leap that makes each and every one of the workers of Teymasa feel proud of the work well done and the recognition by customers and suppliers. This recognition motivates us to continue working in the same way. Personally (after a very difficult year for me) I want to thank the property and our CEO, their trust and support.

The best is yet to come…

Technical Training at Teymasa

During the International Convention of agents and distributors held in Teymasa from May 6 to 8, our Technical Director was giving technical training explaining all the most relevant aspects of the installations with ATEX classification according to the European directive.
In our production plant we could check directly on filling lines all the details of this type of facility.

40th Anniversary Commemoration Event

Last week we had a series of events at the Teymasa production plant to celebrate our 40th anniversary. On Friday, the 10th of May, during the Doors Open Day, in a family and emotional ceremony, our Technical Director, Javier P. Baquer, and our president, Mr. Jaume Taulats, were presented with commemorative plaques in recognition of their hard work and dedication during these 40 years.
We want to thank all the attendees for the act that will accompany us on this special day for Teymasa. Thanks to everyone!

Equipo teymasa

Teymasa celebrates its 40th anniversary

This year our company celebrates 40 years since its foundation in 1979. 40 years full of good and bad times, really difficult moments and many others full of joy and enthusiasm for well done job and recognition by our customers.
But Teymasa always has been the people who were working every day to make a project come true, where everyone from our responsibility has helped to create and improve. People who no longer work here, new additions, all contributing the best and committed to the group. The new agreements in different countries have made us grow and reach new goals. The future is very promising and we want to thank all external collaborators for their help and commitment with Teymasa: Spain, Chile, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Italy, Poland, Morocco, Singapore.
Today we pay tribute to the real Teymasa, the Teymasa of the people, all of them with names and surnames and now also with faces.
Thanks to everyone!

Teymasa & Oil Libya

Last Friday, Teymasa completed the installation of different filling and palletizing lines at Oil Libya Morocco. We want to thank all the staff of Oil Libya for their kind cooperation during all these months of work in the new plant and wish them all the best.

Teymasa & Raloy

Today we visited the Raloy production plant in Santiago Tianguistenco with our official distributor Prosco for Mexico. We would like to thank all the staff, in particular, its CEO Mr I.Q. Jorge H. Loya. New projects with companies that are more than just customers.