IoT en packaging

The big pillar of industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things, #IoT. It is a concept refers to a digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet being able to identify key aspects for the IoT integration.

Is IoT used in packaging?

Yes, because it allows to connect things with people and advanced services to improve the collaboration of machinery or installations, controlled by a PLC. In this concept, everything is connected and the key factors are the availability of data at any time and from anywhere, as well as monitoring for remote control and diagnosis of facilities.

In this way it is possible to perform a predictive maintenance and advance to any type of incidence in the machines so that it can act in the shortest possible time, minimizing losses in production or ensuring user comfort, all resulting in a lower cost.

The intelligent and real-time data processing allows to anticipate the stops in the manufacturing lines before they occur, or to predict quality defects in the manufactured product, analyzing the variables recorded in real time.

Previous analyses to give the best solutions

Visiting a customer’s production plant is the best way to know their production rate needs, detect weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in a more precise and concrete way. This allows us to know how their processes and assembly lines work to propose the most appropriate solution in each case.

In many cases it is not necessary implement a new equipment, it is enough to modify and adjust in a different way the existing equipment to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Our technical-commercial team is specialized in making a preliminary analysis of the facilities as a whole by visiting the plants and inspecting each and every one of the elements. Once this analysis is completed, it is sent to the technical department of Teymasa where our engineers propose solutions based on the optimization of resources and the productive process improvement.