Interview with David Pérez, International Sales Manager at Teymasa

After a year in Teymasa, the balance can not be more positive.

We have launched an internationalization plan, the result of which has been the opening of new markets in South America, the Middle East and Asia. New distributors in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, UAE, India. Also we have signed new agreements with multinational groups and new projects in which we have already incorporated industry 4.0.

The result of this growth has been to achieve and exceed very widely the pre-established objectives and the incorporation of new staff in all the departments.

Our company has taken a qualitative leap that makes each and every one of the workers of Teymasa feel proud of the work well done and the recognition by customers and suppliers. This recognition motivates us to continue working in the same way. Personally (after a very difficult year for me) I want to thank the property and our CEO, their trust and support.

The best is yet to come…


Today in Helsinki Teymasa and Hilpac signed an agreement whereby Hilpac becomes official distributor of Teymasa for Finland. Thank you very much, Mr. Vesa Heikinheimo, for your kind attention during my visit to Finland. All the best!


Today, we were at Orlen’s oil plant in Poland, where we visited some ancient teymasa facilities that still work like the new one. We also initiated a new project to improve the different production lines.