Drum de-palletizers

Food sector

A system of automated drum de-palletizing for the industry. By means of a scanner installed in the de-palletizer gantry and set of grippers, the system lets you select the specific drum that you wish to pass from the infeed pallet to the gantry outfeed conveyors that lead to the production line.


Connection and cleaning systems

CIP or Cleaning-In-Place. This system allows processing equipment to be disinfected between production batches without the need to dismantle them, efficiently cleaning the interior of pipes, receptacles, processing equipment and associated accessories. The process can include multiple rinses with water, mild acid solutions, weak bases, detergents, steam or similar cleaning agents, depending on the product/s to be eliminated.

This system can be completely automated and integrated in the filling machine with the PLC, multiple balance tanks, sensors, valves, data acquisition systems, special aspersion nozzles and a fan with a steam-powered heat exchanger.


Multiway or automatic pipe coupling system. A system for the secure and pressure-resistant connection of a set of pipes in which the non-circulation of fluid is guaranteed in the event that the connection is not coupled correctly. It is worth noting the use of the multiway for blending lines and additivation – by weight control – and even for sending different products to the packaging line/s.





CIP Clean In Place

CIP Clean In Place

Disinfection of equipment between production batches



Automatic pipe coupling systems

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