Transporters, Turntables, Forklifts, Tumblers and Drum furnaces

Systems for automatizing repetitive movements by conveyors. Depending on the load to be moved and the characteristics of the facility, we design and manufacture roller conveyors, chain conveyors, slatted conveyors, modular conveyors or conveyor belts.


Turntables for drums, boxes, pallets or containers that facilitate stable turning without sudden fluctuations. They can be adapted to the load transport system of each facility.


Transfer carts for drums or pallets. These allow the loads to be collected or delivered to different conveyor lines – two or more – in a completely safe and automated manner.


Drum tumblers of up to 360º. Option of personalization for specific requirements.


Furnaces for steam-heating metallic 220 litre drums at 143ºC. Option of adapting the furnace for using thermal oil as the heating fluid. There are two versions available, depending on handling needs, for either 15 or 25 drums.