Multiway or automatic pipe coupling system

A system for the secure and pressure-resistant connection of a set of pipes in which the non-circulation of fluid is guaranteed in the event that the connection is not coupled correctly. It is worth noting the use of the multiway for blending lines and additivation – by weight control – and even for sending different products to the packaging line/s.

The operation of TEYMASA MULTIWAY system is based on a vertical shaft mounted on bearings holding, in rotation, to an automatic linear connector which is actuated by pneumatic via. A set of adapters, with self-sealing openings are arranged in radial position. In case of loss of product, it is recovered by collector.

Every adapter has a coded identification. On their way through the different mouths of static connections, the PLC that governs the system identifies the selected destination mouth, depending on the signals it receives. An electric motor, controls movement of the connector to the fixing point preset. After correct positioning will order coupling, which will take place in two stages:

  1. Transfer from the coupler to contact adapter, so that the sealing of the connection is
  2. Opening the two valves allowing the passage of the product (the system does not allow these valves open if the positioning of the coupler is not correct).


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