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Filling machine for bottles, model 1S

The filling process of the 1S model is realized by volume control for jerrycans up to 5 liters.

ATEX version is avaliable.


  • Automatic filling
  • Manual container positioning
  • Machine made of AISI 304
  • Dosing nozzle made of AISI 316
  • Direct connection to a customer product tank
  • Easy exchange format of containers
  • Plug&Play machine
  • Cost savings per packaged unit
  • Labor savings
  • Easy exchange format
  • Plug&play

Considering a product viscosity of 200 cPs, one dozer filling machine could reach:

1L – 400 un/h

5L – 200 un/h


The production rate could be increased by installing more dozers to the filling machine.

  • Bottles, pails and jerrycans from 0,1L to 5L
  • Gas aspiration system
  • Capping pneumatic tool

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