Automatic De-Palletizers

Automatic handling of drum or sack de-palletizers

Automatic drum de-palletizer equipped with a scanning system that identifies the position of the drums on the pallet, indicating the positioning coordinates to the gripper set, which picks up the drum and moves it to the corresponding conveyor. The operator manages the de-palletizing gantry quickly and easily with a joystick fitted in the control dashboard.


De-palletizer/sack cutter by palletization layers

  • The pallet with the sacks to be emptied is positioned over a hydraulically-actioned lift table
  •  The lift table rises automatically, approaching a gripper set that picks up the layer of sacks. They are then sent to the cutting area which is equipped with blades.
  •  The content of the sacks is tipped into a product collection hopper.
  •  The empty sacks fall onto a tray from which they are then removed.