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Our warehouse has been designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the management and storage of empty drums. The Teymasa warehouse is based on the FIFO system (First In, First Out). In this way an optimal management of the storage capacity is achieved. The storage program can work simultaneously in the loading and unloading of drums. In the same way, it can be interconnected with several filling lines according to the planned production cycles.

The facility is completely adaptable to the space available in each plant.

  • Simultaneous loading and unloading
  • No need for operator intervention
  • FIFO system
  • No need for preventive maintenance
Stories number Capacity
2-storied automatic warehouse 648 units
3-storied automatic warehouse 972 units
4-storied automatic warehouse 1296 units
5-storied automatic warehouse 1620 units
6-storied automatic warehouse 1944 units

Dimensions of aan automatic warehouse with a capacity of 1.944 units:

  •  8.765 mm wide
  •  26.940 mm long
  •  8.600 mm high

This represents 12 units per row x 27 rows x 6 levels.

  • Metalic or plastic drums.

Possibility of interconnecting with several filling lines through automated conveyors. Optionally, it can be connected to any SAP-type management program.


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