Visit to Sun Chemical plant in UAE

Our Sales Director visited a plant of Sun Chemical in Dubai last week. Teymasa was invited to participate in engineering and manufacturing of filling equipment there.

We appreciate your trust and attention.

Moving forward.

Automating is saving

A hallmark for the brand of any company is the continuous development and improvement of all its departments. When we talk about the production department, the change for evolution is one of the bases in replacing manual processes for automated ones. Although it requires an investment, there are many advantages generated:

– Automatic operation of equipment
– Cost reduction
– High performance
– Security

Taking advantage of new technologies such as robots in production plants increases effectiveness and efficiency in production processes.

Summer, preventive time

The vacation stops of our customers are used to carry out the preventive maintenance of our machines. The expert maintenance service offered by Teymasa allows us to extend our machines lifecycle beyond 25 years with the same level of robustness and reliability.

If you don´t have a maintenance service, contact us to get more information.

Pick up the projects

At the end of February one of our technical teams had to return to Spain because of the situation created by COVID-19. Finally, next Monday we will continue with the installation work in Italy.
Spain and Italy have been very affected by this virus, despite everything, we pick up our projects and we want to thank Sun Chemical for their support.
We keep going!

Pacprocess Middle East Africa

This week we participated successfully in the International Exhibition for Processing & Packaging in the Middle East and Africa in Egypt.

For Teymasa it was an excellent opportunity to present its advanced filling solutions to the new costumers, find new representatives and partners.


Thanks to the organizers for this event and to the visitors for the kind attention!

Filling machines evolution over time

In a globalized world in which the products and services must adapt vertiginously to the increasingly specific demands and needs of different sectors, there is only one possible answer: Evolution.

At Teymasa our teams have evolved over time to meet the new challenges that global markets demand. All these changes have been the result of having been able to understand the different needs of our customers. This has led us to manufacture increasingly efficient and effective equipment and incorporate industry 4.0 in some of our facilities in recent years.

PIMEC rewards the President of Teymasa, Jaume Taulats

This Monday, October 21st, PIMEC company has celebrated “The First Night of the Autonomous” at the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona.

Miquel Camps, the president of PIMEC, has detailed during his speech that there are 550,000 self-employed workers in Catalonia “we do not talk about the group that is a fundamental part of the productive fabric of the country. Among the few award-winners is our president, Jaume Taulats, who has got the award for beeing “The Autonomous Person of Tarragona”. The Teymasa team thanks Jaume for his total dedication to the company’s growth.

Previous analyses to give the best solutions

Visiting a customer’s production plant is the best way to know their production rate needs, detect weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in a more precise and concrete way. This allows us to know how their processes and assembly lines work to propose the most appropriate solution in each case.

In many cases it is not necessary implement a new equipment, it is enough to modify and adjust in a different way the existing equipment to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Our technical-commercial team is specialized in making a preliminary analysis of the facilities as a whole by visiting the plants and inspecting each and every one of the elements. Once this analysis is completed, it is sent to the technical department of Teymasa where our engineers propose solutions based on the optimization of resources and the productive process improvement.

Technical Training at Teymasa

During the International Convention of agents and distributors held in Teymasa from May 6 to 8, our Technical Director was giving technical training explaining all the most relevant aspects of the installations with ATEX classification according to the European directive.
In our production plant we could check directly on filling lines all the details of this type of facility.