New project, new customer, new market

Teymasa signed a contract for a new project with a German company Engineering Dobersek. The project consists of the integration of variety of automatic industrial equipment as multiple robotic arms for processing, handling, filling and palletizing finished products. We would like to thank all Dobersek team for their professionalism and trust.

Together we continue to push forward!

28 years after: renew the installation

Yesterday we finished the installation of conveyors for drums in line, automatic palletizers, pallet stackers in the customer´s plant. After more than 28 years of operation at 2 daily shifts, this installation is updated to continue working correctly at the same rate for many more years.

Automating is saving

A hallmark for the brand of any company is the continuous development and improvement of all its departments. When we talk about the production department, the change for evolution is one of the bases in replacing manual processes for automated ones. Although it requires an investment, there are many advantages generated:

– Automatic operation of equipment
– Cost reduction
– High performance
– Security

Taking advantage of new technologies such as robots in production plants increases effectiveness and efficiency in production processes.

Summer, preventive time

The vacation stops of our customers are used to carry out the preventive maintenance of our machines. The expert maintenance service offered by Teymasa allows us to extend our machines lifecycle beyond 25 years with the same level of robustness and reliability.

If you don´t have a maintenance service, contact us to get more information.

Pick up the projects

At the end of February one of our technical teams had to return to Spain because of the situation created by COVID-19. Finally, next Monday we will continue with the installation work in Italy.
Spain and Italy have been very affected by this virus, despite everything, we pick up our projects and we want to thank Sun Chemical for their support.
We keep going!

Auxiliary services

The great impact on the productive area of our country, generated by the expansion and spread of the COVID-19 virus, forces companies to look for the alternatives, to reduce costs and improve their production processes.

At Teymasa we got a lot of inquiries of our clients and that is why we have decided to launch three new services:

– Consulting

– Project design and engineering

– Personalized comprehensive maintenance service

In general, they are complementary services, although they can help companies to reduce costs and improve or adapt their facilities to make them more efficient and productive.

Thank you for trusting us one again!

Related to coronavirus

Dear customers and suppliers,

Due to the current situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our country, Teymasa has decided to cancel all visits to our facilities as well as the movement of its staff. These precautionary measures are adopted following the advice of the health authorities and in the confidence of preserving the health of both workers and customers and suppliers.

The means have been set up so that all Teymasa personnel can continue working from home, except for the production plant where a protocol has been established, strictly following the recommendations of the health authorities.

We appreciate your understanding and remain at your disposal through the usual contacts:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Administration Dept.
  • Technical Dept.
  • Purchasing Dept.