The benefits of an experienced partner

Design and manufacture of machinery for filling and handling containers

More than 10 millions drums per year are packaged and handled by our machines in 25 countries.
Teymasa, founded in 1979


Non-standard designs, total adaptability



Exact product quantities per container. Traceability management

ATEX security

ATEX security

Strict compliance with the European ATEX Directive



Intensive production lines with no interruptions

ATEX certification

All our equipment intended for use in classified areas and with inflammable products complies strictly with the established regulations. ATEX 94/9CE Directive.

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Some of our loyal clients

Global presence

Mexico | Poland | Morocco | Tunisia | Ivory Coast | Japan | Indonesia | Argentina | Colombia | Russia | Belgium | Chile | Madagascar | UK | Portugal | Germany | China | Kazakhstan | France

Kao Corporation – Olesa

The pallet elevator that Teymasa installed for us 30 years ago has always worked so reliability that sometimes we forget it even exists! Quite simply, we use it every single day


Teymasa’s empty drum storage facility implied a complete change in our packaging plant. We can’t imagine how we could possibly work without this storage facility now.


Our business is always progressing. Our business activity is packaging chemical products. All the packaging machinery in our plants has been manufactured by Teymasa.

Mobil Oil Mexico

The drum palletizer by Teymasa that we bought 23 years ago is still performing amazingly well. We’re now looking for an extension to the outfeed of full pallets… so we can carry on working for at least another 23 years!

Would you like to improve your facilities?

Reduce the filling and palletizing times of your packages. Constantly monitor the whole production process, minimizing interruptions and wastage. We design and manufacture machinery to optimize the filling and palletizing processes of drums, jerrycans, pails and IBCs. At Teymasa we guarantee the durability and adaptability of all our solutions.

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